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Where My Journey Begins - Transitions #2


My work is a visual diary of places and moments in time.


I work intuitively, exploring the elusiveness and elasticity of time as it relates to our sense of place.


My paintings respond to our longing to hold fast to those moments and our capacity to anchor them within us.


My work seeks to capture and recall the fleeting, magical quality that permeates every moment of discovery along my journey.


Of special interest to me is the relationship of spatial forms between objects. I explore techniques that reveal the abstract and painterly possibilities that exist within these forms.


I am attracted to the harmonious, intense, and strong, wild colours that appeal to the emotions. Since my cardiac arrest, I see things differently - the way light falls on a bank of trees, the dancing colour in shadows. It is always the light I recall - it is my inspiration.


I work primarily in acrylics, using brush and palette knife. 


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